Xtreme CO2 16oz, 12-Pack – Dr. Shock

Xtreme CO2 16oz, 12-Pack – Dr. Shock

Xtreme CO2 16oz, 12-Pack – Dr. Shock

The Soda Flavors You Love…
The Energy & Focus You Need!

Xtreme CO2™ brings you the soda flavors you love in a new unique drink. Xtreme CO2 provides your body with explosive energy, razor sharp focus and performance to tackle any obstacle that gets in your way! Made with the most popular ingredients that ignite your focus and energy.
Great tasting, no sugar, Xtreme CO2 contains enough Caffeine, and BCAA’s (Branched Chain Amino Acids) to keep you powered and alert.

• No Artificial Colors
• No Crash
• Enjoy the soda flavors you love!

12 Cans per Case

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Ultra Focus Hi-Energy Octane

Xtreme CO2 offers you a change from the regular fruit punches and berry drinks of your regular energy drinks with soda flavors you love, Dr. Shock, Mountain Burst and Purple Rain, in a new unique drink. These delicious, specially crafted energy drinks contains no sugar, no artificial colors and a low calorie content.

• Xtreme Energy
• Razor Sharp Focus
• 300mg Caffeine
• Taurine
• BCAA Blend
• Alpha GPC
• No Sugar
• No Dyes
• No Crash
• 100% Intensity