Xtreme Shock Elite Powder

Sour Gummie

Xtreme Shock Elite 390g Powder – Sour Gummie

Xtreme Shock Elite 390g Powder – Sour Gummie

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Maximum Energy!
Maximum Focus!
Maximum Pump!
Maximum Performance!

Unlike Any Other PreWorkout You’ve Ever Tried!
Xtreme Shock® Elite Powder delivers Caffeine and Alpha GPC to stimulate the brain, intensify the engagement in your workout and increase concentration levels. The Xtreme Performance blend in the mix offers L-Citrulline and Beta-Alanine to reduce fatigue and improve endurance and muscle pumps while the most studied form of Creatine helps in increasing strength and performance.

• Explosive Energy, Power and Endurance
• Razor Sharp Focus
• Intensifies Your Workout to the Max
• Massive Muscle Volumizer
• Fully Dosed
• No Sugar
• No Dyes
• No Crash
• Maximum Intensity

12 containers per case

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Product Overview

Only 2 Calories per Serving

Zero Sugar

Vitamin B3 (Niacin)
Helps body to convert food into fuel (glucose).

Xtreme Performance Blend

Reduces fatigue and improves endurance and muscle pumps.

HydroMax® Glycerol
Helps to prevent dehydration during exercise, improve exercise performance and increase muscular pumps during resistance training.

Increases muscular endurance during short to mid-range, high intensity training. Enhances energy, power and buffers lactic acid build-up.

Creatine Monohydrate
Increases muscle strength and improves muscle growth.

Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate
Works in many pathways in the body, to help make muscle, and to help heal wounds.

Betaine Anhydrous
Commonly used for reducing blood homocysteine levels and trying to improve athletic performance.

Boost workouts and aids in recovery.

Increases the level of absorption of nutrients within your body.

Xtreme Energy/Focus Blend

Helps keep the heart healthy, working as an antioxidant, helping stimulate the muscles to offer better performance.

Popular stimulant used for increasing energy and alertness.

Alpha GPC
Increases strength, power output, focus and memory.

Green Tea Extract
A great source of antioxidants.

Theobromine Extract
A popular stimulant which also increases blood flow.

How Does Beta-Alanine Work?

Beta-alanine has grown to be one of the leading ingredients in sports nutrition formulations. Beta-alanine is a nonessential amino acid, which means it isn’t a necessary part of the human diet because our bodies can create it. Your body primarily uses beta-alanine to form a compound molecule called carnosine, which is stored in your muscles and brain. It does this by combining beta-alanine with an essential amino acid, L-histidine.

Beta-alanine is most effective during anaerobic exercise (intense and exhaustive exercise that causes lactic acid to accumulate in the muscles), such as high-intensity interval training or sprinting. Most notably, it delays fatigue during repeated bouts of intense exercise with short recovery periods.

Benefits of Beta-Alanine

The benefits of beta-alanine have been researched in many scientific studies, 16 of which have been published in peer-reviewed journals. Studies were performed in conjunction with prestigious universities worldwide. Tested on a wide range of athletic performance, including sprinting, cycling, rowing, and weight lifting, beta-alanine is clinically proven to:

•  Increase muscle carnosine for prolonged periods
•  Increase muscle buffering capacity
•  Decrease acidosis
•  Improve endurance
•  Delay fatigue
•  Increase strength
•  Speed recovery from intense exercise