Xtreme Shock Original

Xtreme Shock radically amps your body from head to toe. There’s an Xtreme Shock for everyone, from the hardcore athlete to the weekend warrior, or anyone looking for that extra performance edge.

Xtreme Shock Elite

Xtreme Shock powders offers convenience while promoting instant muscle energy surge and strength gains, plus razor sharp focus, allowing you to do more reps to pack on new muscle, faster and easier than ever before.

Xtreme NO

Xtreme CO2 provides your body with explosive energy, razor sharp focus and performance to tackle any obstacle that gets in your way! Made with the most effective nootropic ingredients that ignite your brain and body.

  • Just a little something to get the blood flowing before this @thenxcalisthenics workout. Xtreme Shock has been my favorite for a long time.
  • I can't get enough of this stuff...my workouts have been so amazing since I started using Xtreme Shock!
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  • Love extreme shock. hands down best pre workout on the market.
  • I drink all flavors and they're the best pre workout product I've ever used. Hands down! I have a nickname for them called "vein juice"!
    Andrew B.Facebook
  • It's fun when people watch you chug a #xtremeshock and they don't get why you are drinking all of it so quickly....Dat #betaalanine tho
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