Sunday morning

The only way I can get my ass up at 8 am to workout on a Sunday ? #xtremeshock #preworkout

Blood flow

Just a little something to get the blood flowing before this @thenxcalisthenics workout. Xtreme Shock has been my favorite for a long time.

The tingles

Is it the TINGLE you seek? Do you LOVE the feeling you get? XTREME SHOCK will give you the ridiculously itchy & fire sensation. Let XTREME SHOCK be your guide to insane training sessions. #xtremeshock#tingle #feelthetingle

Liquid cocaine

My liquid cocaine. What gets me through a 2 hour bomb ass workout on 3 hours of sleep. Minimal burn/itch no crash! #xtremeshock #gym#gymlife #swole

Love Xtreme Shock

I can’t get enough of this stuff…my workouts have been so amazing since I started using Xtreme Shock!