If you’re trying to do right by your quality of life, you need to realize that it is all holistic. For example, you’ll need to get your health in order so that you can have more energy and overall wellness each day.

In this regard, looking into bodybuilding can be one of the best steps to take. You’ll look great and feel great, and your body will respond accordingly.

A number of men right now are also dealing with low testosterone, which doesn’t let them feel like themselves, and can even lead to chronic disease. Men and women alike also deal with chronic fatigue, brain fog, and chronic pain — all of which can be remedied with some attention to building one’s physique.

When you’d like to build a healthy, strong body from the ground up, powerlifting exercises can be just what you need.

Let’s dive into some of the key exercises below to get you started.

1. Bench Press

If you’ve ever considered getting into powerlifting you probably know just how integral the bench press is an exercise. This is often the metric that many people who lift measure themselves and each other by, and is one of the most important metrics for players entering the NFL Draft.

You will definitely want to get your bench press form down pat and do this exercise on a regular basis.

When you bench press properly you are getting your entire body involved. It starts by laying on your back beneath the bench rack with the right amount of weight set up.

You spread your arms roughly shoulder-width apart and maintain the proper grips. Be sure that you have your feet planted squarely on the ground, and push off both with your feet and your arms to get lift off with the weight.

One rep occurs when you bring the weight down to your chest and then lift it all the way up with your arms extended. This is an important exercise that will help you improve your upper body strength quickly.

Make sure that you are increasing the weights by about 5 to 10 pounds each week, and most importantly, that you are using proper form with each and every rep so that you can get the most out of them.

Take the time to breathe in and out rhythmically during each extension so that you can feed your muscles the oxygen that they need to get through each workout. This will also help you to concentrate through each rep, and allow you to build both muscle tone and total strength.

2. Squats

If you need a powerlifting exercise that is great for the whole body, you will also want to throw some squats into the mix.

This is an exercise that involves you putting the bar on your back behind your back, and then squatting your lower body while keeping your back upright. You then use your lower body to explode upward with the weight, which completes the rep.

When you squat on a regular basis, you will also want to invest in a lifting belt that can support your back.

You will start to see some serious gains when you squat on a regular basis. The reason for this is that it works your entire body, and also strengthens your core, which holds your entire muscle groups together.

Doing squats is excellent for your overall health and will allow you to build legitimate strength. Make sure that you are keeping the right form so that you don’t injure your back or neck.

As you do these sorts of exercises on a regular basis, you must also fortify your body with the right nutrition. A lot of bodybuilders ingest hemp seeds because of their protein and omega 3 fatty acid content.

3. Incline Bench Press

Next, to the bench press, the incline bench press is an incredible power lift to add to your regimen. This is a lift that works different muscle groups and supports the other work that you put into your upper body.

This is the same as the bench press, except that the bench rack is kept upright, as opposed to lying down. Because of this, you have less support beneath you, and it is a bit more difficult to do a rep.

By doing a mix of both bench press and incline bench press, you will be able to really activate your entire upper body and core in ways that you couldn’t do by sticking to just one of these exercises.

4. Power Cleans

This is an exercise that builds both your upper and lower body.

You begin with the weights and bar situated on the ground, and then use your lower body and an explosive snatching move with your arms to lift the weights to your chest. From there, you hold the weights tight to your chest before dropping the weights to the ground.

Because this builds legitimate total body strength, you’ll find that you will start to find gains in your other lifts. This form of strength will also translate into other activities, including long-distance running and martial arts.

It’s important that you keep your form so that you are able to handle these power cleans without injuring yourself in the process.

5. “Good Mornings”

Good mornings are particularly great for your core muscles. When you build a strong and healthy core, it helps to prevent total body injuries, which is important as you age.

This is particularly important because so many people deal with nagging back injuries, which may actually be the result of a weak core.

When you do Good Mornings, you start with the bar behind your neck and on your back, similar to squats. You stand with your feet shoulder width apart and make sure that your weight is balanced.

Keeping your back straight, bend forward slowly at the waist, and then extend your back into a standing position. This is an exercise that works both your back and your core muscles.

You will want to start these exercises with light weights so that you can test your strength and make sure that you don’t run the risk of hurting yourself. This is yet another exercise that will give you full body strength that will carry over into other parts of your workout regimen.

6. Overhead Military Press

When you do a power clean, the next natural evolution of it is to do an overhead military press.

People often refer to this exercise as the clean and jerk. With this exercise, you start with a power clean, ending at the position of having the weight to your chest.

From there, you bend your lower body and then explode upward, extending the bar high above your head, and powering your legs out into a sort of a running stance.

This exercise works both your upper body and lower body so that you can build these muscle groups and helps you to have longevity from a strength point of view.

7. Deadlifts

This is another core exercise that is important to any bodybuilding regimen, similar to the bench press.

When you engage in deadlifts on a regular basis, you are able to build both your lower body and your back. With this exercise, you start with the bar and weights on the ground, standing over it with your feet shoulder-width apart.

Bend at the knees and lower your butt so that your shoulders are just over your knees, and your chest is tucked. Lift with your lower body and stand up so that your back is straight, and then lower the bar and weights back to the ground.

These lifts are simple in form but go a long way toward building strength to your entire body.

8. Pull-Ups

This may not be a “lift” of sorts, but is definitely one of the most important power lifts that you can engage in.

It starts with a pull-up bar situated above your head so that you can jump and attach to it, hoisting your body above the ground. Hold onto the bar with your grips a good distance apart, with your palms either facing you or facing outward.

With this exercise, you complete one rep when you pull up to the point that your chin is above the bar. You’ll need to complete these reps with just your arms, as opposed to swinging with your legs or jumping up and maneuvering your chin above the bar.

Pull-ups are one of the absolute best total body exercises that you can engage in that will make you much stronger with every form of fitness that you engage in.

When you stay hydrated, you are giving your muscles and brain what it needs on a daily basis. You’ll find that you’ll be better able to crank out more pull-ups and improve your max by doing something as simple as drinking more water each day.

9. Bent Rows

This is one of the best powerlifting exercises because it builds your chest and back muscles.

You start by holding the bar in front of you while you are bent at the waist. One rep involves letting the bar drop so that you are holding it by your knees, and then pulling upward, working your biceps and triceps.

Make sure that you keep your back stationary so that you are only working your arms, as opposed to swinging the bar with your legs and momentum.

When you do these rows on a regular basis, you will develop a strong upper body.

10. Power Curls

With power curls, you are working your biceps and chest to the fullest.

Set the weight up evenly on both sides, stand straight up, and hold the bar outward with your arms extended. Curl the bar so that your elbows bend at 45-degree angles, until the weights hit your chest, and then bring them back down to your waist.

You will want to add more weight incrementally in order to get the biggest gains in strength from this exercise.

11. Kettlebell Exercises

Today, kettlebells are truly taking off in popularity.

They are becoming more popular because the weights are easier to grip and move in a way that moves naturally. You can use kettlebells to replicate natural movements so that you can build functional strength.

So many athletes in many different sports are beginning to incorporate kettlebell exercises because they are so versatile and can make you incredibly strong.

You will also be able to improve your grip strength, which allows you to build your forearms, biceps, and triceps in the process. Using kettlebells allows you to work both your upper and lower body, and get a great workout even when you aren’t lifting a lot of weight.

You can start small and increase to bigger and heavier kettlebells so that you can work different muscle groups and build your total body strength point by point.

Try These Powerlifting Exercises

When you’re trying to do right by your health and fitness, powerlifting is one of the best exercises that you can truly get to know. By learning the best powerlifting exercises available, you’ll get healthy and strong so you can enjoy a long and fulfilling life.

By mixing in these powerlifting exercises, you will have a strong workout regimen that is useful to you. Follow these tips so that you can start getting stronger.

For everything from tips to have proper form while you lift, to shopping for the best powerlifting apparel, don’t hesitate to get in touch.